If we call you, you’re going to help us and you answer the phone.

The system's been great. I'm really glad you were able to get the Accounts Receivable [Lumber Invoicing] incorporated into the FPA now as one system. We've always been very pleased with the Fiber [FPA]. The Lumber Invoicing was worth the wait. Within the office, Vic, with integrating the accounts receivable [in the Lumber Invoicing] and now with your backup system, I think you've got us covered. The main two selling points for the backup system are the backup server if the server goes down and that Jo Ann Martin doesn't have to manually backup the system. We know you're there and if we call you, you're going to help us. and you answer the phone. Or, you'll call back. You're someone we can get in touch with. When we've got a problem we need to be able to talk to somebody. Pick that phone up and... What did Vic say? What are we going to do?

Rick Hanna President, Hanna Manufacturing Company
Winnfield, Louisiana

Production in the office has been cut in half.

It's got to be the time savings.... The accuracy and the time savings of the system. The time it took to do the same amount of production in the office has been cut in half... and that's significant. It gives you much more room to grow and it's accurate too.

Robert Bennett President, Bennett Timber Company, LLC
DeRidder, Louisiana

You also understand AFM’s unique challenges and needs.

When I first came to Shreveport to setup Forest Products Accounting for the first time for a client, your support and expertise were invaluable. We were attempting to use the Forest Products Accounting system a little differently than it was intended to meet the client's needs and you were open to this. You passed on your knowledge of Forest Products Accounting and then continued to keep in contact with the occasional call and your newsletters. We were in the process of updating our backup and disaster recovery plan and I saw your article [on backup and disaster recovery without tapes]. Because of this we were able to setup the alternate plan much more quickly than I anticipated when first charged with this project. You also understood AFM's unique challenges and needs in the instance of a disaster. Great combination and fit!

Susan M. Crawford CFO/Controller, American Forest Management Inc.
Charlotte, North Carolina

Handles things professionally.

Vic handles things professionally. He does things the way they should be done and he handles different people in different ways.

Ricky Lout President, L&R Timber Company, Inc.
San Augustine, Texas

Have been a big part of the development of our company.

Vic and Forest Products Accounting have been a big part of the development of our company. I am confident that they will be there for us as we continue to grow and meet the challenges that lie ahead.

Mike Merritt President, Timberland Services Inc.
Taylor, Louisiana.

The Forest Products Accounting System is simple and right to the point.

I think everything you have done for us has been perfect. Forest Products Accounting is the best computer program I've seen for the timber industry. There are a lot of companies using your system... just about everyone around here! The Forest Products Accounting system is simple and right to the point... there's no guesswork involved.

Eddie Ralph Harmon CEO, Harmon Wood Company
Homer, Louisiana.

Detailed reports for their record keeping.

We believe communication with our landowners is critical and Forest Products Accounting helps us provide them with detailed reports for their record keeping.

Brandon Ewing CEO, Ewing Timber Inc.
Quitman, Louisiana

You have kept our system up and running.

You have helped us evolve technology-wise and helped us keep pace with technology as the use of computers has become an everyday necessity. There’s no doubt we wouldn’t be where we are today without your help with excellent service and staying on the forefront of technology. You have done an excellent job in giving us what we need. You have kept our system up and running.... We’re getting the new backup system in place. It’s time to do it. It’s also important to be offsite with our data. It’s time to take that extra step of security.

J D Neeley President, Neeley Forestry Service, Inc.
Camden, Arkansas.

I can highly recommend Hemard & Company to help you with your computer systems.

Two and one-half years ago our technology support employee left to go to work for Microsoft. Ward Timber Company was in a jam because there were no available new hires to fill our technological demands of a growing company. We operated 30 computers, mostly work stations scattered out from our main office to outlying wood yards. I call[ed] Vic Hemard, with Hemard & Company, about our problem and they came to the rescue.

Vic and his team stepped in and provided security, updated virus protection, and prompt backups for all our computer systems. We had a system in place, in case of a catastrophe like fire, to be up and running almost immediately. Vic solved any problems that developed with our computers in a prompt, efficient, and timely manner.

I can highly recommend Hemard & Company to help you with your computer systems.

John B Jones Founding Partner, Ward Timber Co., Ltd.
Linden, TX